IMI-Aktuell 2015/639

Bush Sr.: Abrechnung

von: 7. November 2015


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Eine geharnischte Kritik richtete George H.W. Bush, US-Präsident von 1989 bis 1993, an die Adresse von Dick Cheney und Donald Rumsfeld. Sie fungierten als Vizepräsident (Cheney) respektive Verteidigungsminister (Rumsfeld) unter seinem Sohn George W. Bush, der von 2001 bis 2009 das US-Präsidentenamt innehatte. Defense One zitiert den inzwioschen 91 Jahre alten Bush Senior: „‘He just became very hard-line and very different from the Dick Cheney I knew and worked with,’ the elder Bush said of the man who served as his secretary of defense. ‘Just iron-ass. His seeming knuckling under to the real hard-charging guys who want to fight about everything, use force to get our way in the Middle East.’ He said Cheney built ‚his own empire.‘” Noch weniger schmeichelhaft äußerte sich Bush über Rumsfeld: „’I think he served the president badly,’ Bush said. ‘I don’t like what he did, and I think it hurt the president having his iron-ass view of everything. I’ve never been that close to him anyway. There’s a lack of humility, a lack of seeing what the other guy thinks. He’s more kick ass and take names, take numbers. I think he paid a price for that.’” (jw)