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The Information Centre on Militarisation (IMI) e.V. has been working since 1996 in a wide range of peace policy issues with a strong focus on Germany and its role in the world.
As a non-profit organization, it is our goal to provide our analysis and information to contribute to international understanding. We see ourselves as a mediator between the peace movement and the scientific management of conflicts and conflict situations through science.

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Some of our texts are also available in English (see below). We try to enlarge the availability of English texts constantly.


AI-based Targeting – The Case of Gaza

Paper presented at the Pre-Conference Workshop “Imaginations of Autonomy: On Humans, AI-Based Weapon Systems and Responsibility at Machine Speed”

(13. Juni 2024)

IMI-Analyse 2024/20

Europäische Sicherheitsforschung und der Krieg in Gaza

EU-Forschungsförderung unterstützt israelische Rüstungsindustrie

Christoph Marischka (22. März 2024)


360°-NATO: Mobilization on all Fronts

(10. April 2017)

IMI-Studie 2016/9engl

Convergence of the War Hawks

Hillary Clinton and a Bipartisan Plan to Extend American Power

Keegan Farley (5. Oktober 2016)


IMI lädt ein: Convergence of the War Hawks

Dienstag, den 6.9.2016, 19:00 Uhr im IMI-Büro (Sudhaus, Hechinger Straße 203, Tübingen)

IMI (5. September 2016)

IMI-Studie 2016/02 - in: Information on Politics and Society No. 11/2016

Expansion – Association – Confrontation

EUrope‘s Neighbourhood Policy, the Ukraine and the New Cold War Against Russia

Jürgen Wagner (10. März 2016)

IMI-Analyse 2015/018 - in: Greenville Post, 22.4.2015

Ukraine: The Long Arm of the EU

The Association Agreement and Expansionist Policies

Jürgen Wagner (Translation by Paul Carline) (27. April 2015)

IMI-Standpunkt 2014/017eng

The US Military Use of Shannon

John Lannon (7. April 2014)

IMI-Studie 2013/12

Global Power Europe

The hidden imperial Agenda behind the European Council, 19./20. December 2013

Sabine Lösing / Jürgen Wagner (10. Dezember 2013)

IMI-Studie 2013/08engl

EUrope: Exporting Arms the Offensive Way

Jürgen Wagner (28. November 2013)

IMI-Standpunkt 2013/024 - in: transform!, 12/2013

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: European Security Strategy

Jürgen Wagner (14. Mai 2013)

IMI-Studie 2012/08engl

The EU As a Driving Force of Armament

Pressure In Terms of Arms Build-Up, War Chests, and a Military-Industrial Complex for the World Power Europe

Jürgen Wagner (30. November 2012)

IMI-Standpunkt 2012/042en

The NATO Global Alliance Comes to Chicago

Joseph Gerson (15. Juli 2012)

Dokumentation - in: Corporate Europe Observatory, September 2011

Lobbying Warfare

The arms industry’s role in building a military Europe

Malte Lühmann (7. November 2011)

IMI-Standpunkt 2010/057 - in: Statewatch Journnal, vol 20 no 3/4

“The law will bring peace”: A view on the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF)

Tim Schumacher (31. Dezember 2010)

IMI-Analyse 2010/038

Lobbyists in Arms

The Role of Corporate Interest Groups in the EU Military-Industrial Complex

Malte Lühmann (2. November 2010)

New brochure:

From Pax Americana to Pax Transatlantica? The Western Quest for Supremacy in the Era of Persistent Conflict

Jürgen Wagner (15. April 2010)

IMI-Analyse 2010/010en

European Offensive: How Brussels is planning to militarize the Union until 2020

Sabine Lösing / Jürgen Wagner (11. März 2010)

IMI-Analyse 2009/045en

The European External Action Service: “Joined-Up” Imperialism

Martin Hantke (11. Dezember 2009)

IMI-Standpunkt 2009/052

Why the strategic community embraces the Lisbon Treaty – and why we reject it!

Christoph Marischka / IMI (15. September 2009)

IMI-Analysis 2009/031en

Verdict of the German Constitutional Court concerning the Lisbon Treaty: Court strenghtens Parliamentery Prerogative

But the Lisbon Treaty was made compliant with the constitution – now the Irish referendum is decisive

Tobias Pflueger (6. August 2009)


English Texts about NATO

Information Center on Militarization (31. März 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

Waging War from the Provinces

The headquarters of the German-Netherlands Corps

Michael Schulze von Glaßer (9. Januar 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

Marshall Center & NATO School: NATO in the Bavarian Mountains

Franz Iberl (8. Januar 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

The French-German Brigade in Müllheim

Tobias Pflüger (7. Januar 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

How Ban Ki-moon subjugated the UN to NATO

UN Secretary-General praises NATO in secret maverick initiative

Christoph Marischka (6. Januar 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

NATO’s aggressive nuclear policy and missile defence

Arno Neuber (5. Januar 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

World Domination through the Control of Flows

NATO’s role in the militarization of migration

Christoph Marischka (4. Januar 2009)

in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

The NATO 1949-91: brief review of a belligerent history

Joachim Guilliard (3. Januar 2009)

in: The Broken Rifle, No. 81 (February 2009)

Brothers in spirit: Intensification of EU-NATO co-operation

Tobias Pflüger (2. Januar 2009)

IMI-Studie 2009/02, in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

The NATO War in Afghanistan:

Prototype for Neoliberal Nation-Building and Civil-Military Counterinsurgency

Jürgen Wagner (1. Januar 2009)

IMI-Analyse 2009/013, in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

Imperial Geopolitics: Ukraine, Georgia and the New Cold War between NATO and Russia

Martin Hantke (1. Januar 2009)

in: Broken Rifle, Nr. 78 (September 2008)

60 years of NATO are enough!

Confronting the war alliance with mass protests

Tobias Pflüger (1. Januar 2009)

IMI-Standpunkt 2008/047engl

Europe’s Militarization and the impact of the Irish NO against the Treaty of Lisbon

Paper presented at the Workshop Europe's military and defense poilcy, Attac Summer University, Saarbrücken, 2.8.2008

Jürgen Wagner (3. August 2008)

IMI-Analyse 2008/023engl

Militarism, Neoliberalism, Elitism: The Agenda of the French EU Council Presidency

Tobias Pflüger (1. Juli 2008)

IMI-Analyse 2008/019 - in: EUWatch Mai/Juni 08

A Call to vote NO against the militaristic Treaty of Lisbon

Tobias Pflüger (2. Juni 2008)

IMI-Standpunkt 2008/025english

A Crucial NATO summit

The NATO summit in Bucharest took crucial decisions with far-reaching consequences for the alliance.

Tobias Pflüger (15. April 2008)

IMI-Analyse 2007/023

The Contours of the New Cold War

Jürgen Wagner (19. Juni 2007)


Iran in the Eye of Storm – Why a Global War Has Begun

Dokumentation / Ali Fathollah-Nejad (13. April 2007)

Dokumentation: in: Middle East Report (Spring 2007)

Signs of a New Arab Cold War

The 2006 Lebanon War and the Sunni-Shi‘i Divide

Dokumentation / André Bank und Morton Valbjorn (18. März 2007)

IMI-Analyse 2007/06

USA and Middle East – the real agenda of the American energy policy: The Balkanization of the Region and the Coming War with Iran

Jürgen Wagner (27. Februar 2007)

IMI-Analyse 2006/009engl


The European Union and the Military Security of Globalization

Jürgen Wagner (19. April 2006)

IMI-Standpoint 2006/015en

German Support of the War Against Iraq

Comment of Tobias Pflüger (MEP) on the Hearing: US ANTI-WAR ACTIVIST CINDY SHEEHAN, MAJOR FLORIAN PFAFF AND EUROPEAN WAR RESISTERS, Strasbourg, 14. March 2006

Tobias Pflüger (14. März 2006)

IMI-Analyse 2006/002b

Munich Security Conference: NATO closes in front against Iran

Jürgen Wagner / Translated by Anna Cox (6. Februar 2006)

IMI-Analyse 2005/006

Militarization by treaty or why Europe's constitutional treaty is endangering peace

Tobias Pflueger (23. März 2005)