IMI-Aktuell 2024/328

Keine Rüstungsfreundschaft

von: 21. Mai 2024


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Unter anderem im Aachener-Vertrag haben sich Deutschland und Frankreich darauf verständigt, in Rüstungsfragen eng zusammenzuarbeiten. Dennoch kracht es in jüngster Zeit immer heftiger, wie auch ein jüngster französischer Parlamentsbericht zeigt, über den bei berichtet wird: „France’s lower-house defense committee took a swipe at what it described as Germany’s self-interested approach in European defense matters, saying the Berlin government’s promotion of domestic firms comes at the expense of the greater industrial cooperation that is needed to increase strategic autonomy in the European Union. […] While France and Germany have moved ahead on joint programs to develop a sixth-generation fighter and a new battle tank, the rapporteurs said that Germany torpedoed several joint programs, didn’t involve France in the launch of its European Sky Shield Initiative, and is using the war in Ukraine to expand its defense-industry presence in Eastern Europe.” (jw)