IMI-Aktuell 2023/385

Myanmar: Stellvertreterkrieg?

von: 20. Juni 2023


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Die Foreign Affairs (via Bpb-Newsletter) warnt davor, in Myanmar könnte sich ein Stellvertreterkrieg zwischen den USA und China entwickeln: “For much of the last two years, the Burmese crisis received minimal attention from the United States and China, despite unfolding at a time of intensifying great-power tensions. […] But this great-power restraint is now breaking down. Misperceiving several developments as indications that the antiregime forces are American proxies, Beijing is moving with increasing determination to shore up the junta. The result is what one might call Cold War-ization: the civil war is attracting outside meddling by great-power rivals, each fearing that inaction would benefit the other side.“ (jw)