IMI-Aktuell 2021/216

Deutschland: US-SpezialistInnen

von: 22. April 2021


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Michael Klare liefert in The Nation einige Details zu den 500 US-SoltatInnen, die zusätzlich in Deutschland stationiert werden sollen und augenscheinlich SpezialistInnen für High-Tech-Kriege sein sollen: „As Austin indicated, moreover, the 500 additional troops being sent to Germany are not just ordinary GIs, meant to bolster frontline formations, but rather highly trained specialists intended for “multi-domain operations” involving cyber and space combat as well as “long-range fires” employing hypersonic missiles. Any future conflict with Russia, the Pentagon is suggesting, will be fought according to new rules, in which speed of action, information dominance, and a concentration of long-range precision strikes will determine the outcome of battle.” (jw)