IMI-Aktuell 2020/627

Russland: Blockfrei?

von: 24. September 2020


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Eine interessante Interpretation der UN-Rede Wladimir Putins liefert Nikolas K. Gvosdev, der sie als Versuch wertet, Russland als Führungsmacht blockfreier Staaten zwischen den USA und China zu etablieren. Im National Interest schreibt er: „What is more striking, however, is Putin’s implicit proposal — to the Europeans and to the major powers of the global South — to avoid becoming involved in any emerging U.S.-China cold war. His proposals for secure, sanctions-free trade corridors, his resurrection of the idea of a greater Eurasian partnership, and for placing limits on cyberwar and other disruptive actions which could upset international trade and prosperity (including the U.S. use of sanctions), are all designed to create a role for Russia as the de facto head of a new non-aligned bloc of states that do not want to be forced to either choose between Washington or Beijing—or to have to accept American or Chinese agendas.” (jw)