IMI-Aktuell 2020/577

EU-Agrarpolitik: Folgen

von: 2. September 2020


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Bei Project Sydicate (via Bpb-Newsletter) wird einmal mehr auf die desaströsen Folgen der europäischen Agrarpolitik (CAP) hingewiesen, diesmal vom gambischen Parlamentsabgeordneten Muhammed Magassy: „The CAP subsidizes European farmers to the tune of €42 billion ($50 billion) annually, thereby giving them an unfair advantage in foreign markets, such as Africa. As a report released by the NGO network Coordination SUD last year showed, such subsidies, together with the abolition of market-regulation mechanisms (such as milk quotas), have strengthened EU producers’ ability to export agricultural products at low prices to markets in the Global South. Such policies distort markets, destabilize developing-country economies, and destroy livelihoods. For example, the CAP has devastated agricultural production in West Africa, particularly for wheat and milk powder. And the problem extends far beyond Africa: local industry and agriculture in Caribbean and Pacific countries have been undermined as well.“ (jw)