IMI-Aktuell 2020/509

US-Botschafter: Gutes Zeugnis

von: 28. Juli 2020


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Nachdem der bisherige US-Botschafter Richard Grenell selbst für die Trump-Regierung ziemlich undiplomatisch herumfuhrwerkte, stellt der generell kriegskritisch eingestellte American Conservative seinem Nachfolger ein gutes Zeugnis aus: „One can cast any number of aspersions on President Trump’s hiring decisions but this isn’t one of them. The White House announced today that he intends to nominate Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor to be U.S. Ambassador to Germany, a post vacated by Richard Grenell, officially, in June. […] Doug is a conservative whose own foreign policy views have naturally dovetailed with the stated goals of the Trump Administration: get out of endless, useless wars in the Middle East. Bring the troops home.” (jw)