IMI-Aktuell 2020/497

5G: Befristeter Ausschluss?

von: 22. Juli 2020


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Medien zufolge soll der Ausschluss des chinesischen Huawei-Konzerns vom britischen 5G-Markt einem massiven US-Druck geschuldet sein. Gleichzeitig sei dem Unternehmen zugesichert worden, die Entscheidung könne nach einem Wahlsieg Joe Bidens ggf. rückgängig gemacht warden. Beim Guardian heißt es dazu: „As part of the high-level behind-the-scenes contacts, Huawei was told that geopolitics had played a part, and was given the impression that it was possible the decision could be revisited in future, perhaps if Trump failed to win a second term and the anti-China stance in Washington eased. Senior Huawei executives have gone public since Tuesday’s decision saying that they hope the British government will rethink, apparently encouraged by the results of back-channel contacts. The government’s private admissions are out of kilter with public statements last week by ministers, who said Huawei had been banned because of new security concerns raised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of GCHQ.“ (jw)