IMI-Aktuell 2020/384

US-Polizei: Militarisierung

von: 4. Juni 2020


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Aljazeera wirft die Frage auf, ob das harte Vorgehen der US-Polizei gegen Protestierende auf deren zunehmende Millitarisierung zurückzuführen sei: „Many of these scenes feature police officers dressed in full body armour and carrying shields as vehicles that look more like tanks than cruisers flashing red and blue lights roll by. The US police force is heavily militarised, thanks to the transfer of surplus military goods to law enforcement departments across the US for decades. […] The 1033 programme, headed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the Department of Defense’s combat logistics support agency, has given domestic law enforcement at least five billion dollars in „surplus military defensive equipment“ since 1997, Human Rights Watch wrote in 2017.” (jw)