IMI-Aktuell 2020/315

Nordkorea: OPLAN 5029

von: 7. Mai 2020


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Angesichts der unklaren gesundheitlichen Situation des nordkoreanischen Machthabers Kim Jong Un (dem es wieder besser zu gehen scheint), ist es nicht uninteressant zu wissen, dass Südkorea und die USA mit dem OPLAN 5029 einen Plan vorbereitet zu haben scheinen, mit dem sie für alle Eventualitäten gewappnet sein wollen. Foxnews berichtet: “Operations Plan 5029, or OPLAN 5029, was prepared for a scenario when a sudden shift in power or massive instability occurred in North Korea – something that could happen if Kim was sick or removed from power and his sister, Kim Yo Jong, wasn’t able to step in. […] The U.S.-South Korean contingency plan, created in 2008 among heightened tensions from Pyongyang’s missile launch, addresses everything from securing the border to sending in secret operatives to find Pyongyang’s nuclear stockpile and prevent it from being used, stolen or sold to the shadiest bidder. […] According to a 2015 RAND report, a major point of concern is whether the U.S. would have sufficient troop strength to lead in a post-Kim world. According to the study of troop size requirements, the U.S. would need more than 850,000 military personnel which would need to include members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. About 160 vessels and 2,000 aircraft would likely be moved to the Korean region. Such a big presence would be needed to secure and remove WMD any materials with „enough fissionable plutonium and uranium by build up to 75 weapons by 2020,“ the report said.” (jw)