IMI-Aktuell 2020/137

US-Budgetplanung: Großmachtfokus

von: 17. Februar 2020


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Defense One berichtet über die „rigorose“ (Mark Esper) Ausrichtung des US-Militärbudgets auf Großmachtkonflikte wie es von der Nationalen Verteidigungsstrategie 2018 gefordert wurde: „The Pentagon wants to retire warplanes, drones, and ships, including some less than two decades old, freeing up hundreds of billions of dollars to develop and buy new weapons that defense officials say are necessary to win a war against China and Russia. […] Top Pentagon officials said the budget proposal would fund “irreversible implementation of the National Defense Strategy,” the document produced under former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that predicts an era of “great power competition” with China and Russia. That echoes a Jan. 6 memo to the Pentagon from Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who called for ‘ruthless prioritization’ in order to ‘achieve full, irreversible implementation’ of the 2018 strategy.” (jw)