IMI-Aktuell 2019/715

Ozeanien: Chinesischer Einfluss

von: 17. Dezember 2019


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Die Airforce-nahe RAND Corporation veröffentlichte einen Beitrag, der sich ausführlich mit jüngsten chinesischen Einflussgewinnen in Ozeanien und den dahinterstehenden Strategien beschäftigt: „[I] is not only Beijing’s trade and infrastructure spending via BRI and efforts to win over Taiwan’s remaining official partners that worries the United States and its friends. Rather, it is how Beijing could parlay its political and economic influence into the security domain. Concrete examples already exist, such as in Vanuatu and Fiji, where Australia was concerned about reports of Beijing’s interest in building military bases. Recent news that Beijing attempted to lease Tulagi in the Solomon Islands for 75 years also reflects how a diplomatic shift from Taiwan to China can involve security concerns. Excessive Chinese debt throughout the Pacific is another potential problem. Tonga and others are good examples.“ (jw)