IMI-Aktuell 2019/674

EU: Außer Kontrolle

von: 23. November 2019


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Bei Carnegie Strategic Europe ist ein erfreulich kritischer Artikel erschienen, der beklagt, dass sich die neuen EU-Rüstungstöpfe weitgehend einer demokratischen Kontrolle entziehen bzw. entzogen wurden: „So far, however, the EU’s goals and interests in defense are progressively converging and being shaped by those inside the European defense industry. […] Powerful industry-driven lobbying has always played a significant role in setting priorities in defense research and development. But currently, there is a growing sense of a corporate capture, compounded by unaccountable and often invisible forces that directly or indirectly influence the EU’s policymaking on defense. […] The reality is that embarking on deeper integration in such a highly sensitive area as defense, without putting in place new mechanisms for democratic participation, is highly problematic and could backfire.” (jw)