IMI-Aktuell 2019/291

Roborder: KI-Drohnen

von: 21. Mai 2019


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The Intercept berichtet über das Project Roborder, in dem per Künstlicher Intelligenz gesteuerte Drohnen entwickelt werden sollen, um die Grenzen zu patrouillieren: „The European Union is financing a project to develop drones piloted by artificial intelligence and designed to autonomously patrol Europe’s borders. The drones will operate in swarms, coordinating and corroborating information among fleets of quadcopters, small fixed-wing airplanes, ground vehicles, submarines, and boats. Developers of the project, known as Roborder, say the robots will be able to identify humans and independently decide whether they represent a threat. If they determine that you may have committed a crime, they will notify border police.“ (jw)