IMI-Aktuell 2019/214

Investitionen: EU-Vetorecht?

von: 11. April 2019


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Mit einem „interessanten“ Vorschlag kommt Jean Pisani-Ferry von der Hertie School of Governance rüber: Angesichts zunehmender Großmachtkonflikte solle der EU-Außenbeauftragten ein sicherheitspolitisch begründbares Vetorecht gegenüber ausländischen Investitionen eingeräumt werden, argumentiert er bei Project Syndicate (via Bpb-Newsletter): „Europe’s challenge now is to position itself in a new landscape where power matters more than rules and consumer welfare. The EU faces three big questions: whether to reorient its competition policy; how to combine economic and security objectives; and how to avoid becoming an economic hostage of US foreign-policy priorities. Answering these will require a redefinition of economic sovereignty. (…) The solution is not to meddle with competition rules, but to give those in charge of security some say in the decision-making process. To that end, in a forthcoming paper that I co-authored with foreign-policy experts and other economists, we propose that the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security be given the right to object on security grounds to the European Commission’s proposed mergers or investment decisions.” (jw)