IMI-Aktuell 2019/174


von: 16. März 2019


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Gideon Rachman argumentiert in der Financial Times (via Bpb-Newsletter), die Entwicklung gehe in Richtung einer „Zweiblock-Welt“, in der aber künftig nicht mehr das Militär, sondern Technologie die zentrale Rolle spiele: „Instead, it is technology that could become the basis of the new global split. China long ago banned Google and Facebook. Now the US is struggling to thwart Huawei. With concern mounting over the control and transfer of data across borders, countries may increasingly come under pressure to choose either the US tech-universe or the Chinese version — and they may find that the two are increasingly walled-off from each other. But a division that started with technology would not stay there. Data and communications are now fundamental to almost all forms of business and military activity. The two-bloc world of the cold war was replaced by an era of globalisation. Now globalisation itself may be threatened by the re-emergence of a two-bloc world.“ (jw)