IMI-Aktuell 2019/017

Neuer Kalter Krieg

von: 11. Januar 2019


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Der einflussreiche Stratege Robert Kaplan rät der Geschäftswelt in der Foreign Policy, sich auf einen dauerhaften Neuen Kalten Krieg  zwischend en USA und China einzustellen: “The new cold war is permanent because of a host of factors that generals and strategists understand but that many, especially those in the business and financial community who populate Davos, still prefer to deny. And because the U.S.-China relationship is the world’s most crucial—with many second- and third-order effects—a cold war between the two is becoming the negative organizing principle of geopolitics that markets will just have to price in. This is because the differences between the United States and China are stark and fundamental. They can barely be managed by negotiations and can never really be assuaged.” (jw)