IMI-Aktuell 2018/442

Afrika: US-Spezialkräfte

von: 30. Juli 2018


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Nick Turse geht bei The Intercept auf Berichte ein, denen zufolge die USA eine Reduzierung ihrer Spezialeinheiten in Afrika planen würden. Davon sei zumindest bislang nichts zu bemerken, der Kontinent stelle aktuell immernoch einen Einsatzschwerpunkt dar: „While the review was reportedly ordered this spring and troop reductions may be coming, there is no evidence yet of massive cuts, gradual reductions, or any downsizing whatsoever. […] Today, more U.S. commandos are deployed to Africa than to any other region of the world except the Middle East. […] Given that an average of 8,300 commandos are deployed overseas in any given week, according to SOCOM spokesperson Ken McGraw, we can surmise that roughly 1,370 Green Berets, Navy SEALs, or other elite forces are currently operating in Africa.“ (jw)