IMI-Aktuell 2018/371

Libyen: Drohnenkrieg

von: 22. Juni 2018


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Die USA haben seit Ende des „offiziellen“ Kriegs in Libyen 550 Drohnenangriffe durchgeführt, berichtet The Intercept (via Bpb-Newsletter): „The United States has conducted approximately 550 drone strikes in Libya since 2011, more than in Somalia, Yemen, or Pakistan […].The toll of some attacks is still in dispute. A U.S. drone strike in Libya on June 6, for example, killed four “ISIS-Libya militants,” according to AFRICOM. AFRICOM “performed a thorough review and determined the allegations of civilian casualties to be not credible,” according to a statement released Wednesday. The Libya Observer and the Libyan Foundation for Human Rights, however, reported that only one of the dead was a militant and that the others were civilians.” (jw)