IMI-Aktuell 2017/706

Syrien-Irak: US-Truppen

von: 28. November 2017


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Antiwar berichtet, die seitens des Pentagon angegebenen Zahlen über US-Truppen in Syrien und im Irak seien zu niedrig gewesen, wie aus einem neuen Bericht des „Defense Manpower Data Center” hervorgehe: „In reality, there are 8,992 troops in Iraq and 1,720 in Syria, as of September,and the numbers have only risen since then. Even this more accurate figure from the DMDC, in addition to being months out of date, is just the low end of the real figure, because buried at the bottom of the per-country deployments is another number, 29,092 US troops, whose locations are simply ‚unknown.‘ That too seems like it should be more of a scandal than it is. The figure tacitly admits that some 10% of US troops deployed overseas are deployed so secretly that even the report responsible for accounting where they all are doesn’t have any idea where they might be.“ (jw)