IMI-Aktuell 2017/646

NATO: Deutsches Hinterlandkommando?

von: 21. Oktober 2017


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Augengeradeaus macht auf einen aktuellen Spiegel Online Artikel aufmerksam (nur englisch, deutsch hinter Paywall), in dem über ein geheimes NATO-Dokument berichtet wird. Darin werden der NATO schwere Logistikprobleme attestiert und zur Abhilfe vorgeschlagen, ein hierfür zuständiges Zentrum in Deutschland zu schaffen: „Since the end of June, a report marked „NATO SECRET“ has been circulating in headquarters in Brussels that unsparingly lists the alliance’s weaknesses. Under the innocuous title „Progress Report on the Alliance’s Strengthened Deterrence and Defense Posture,“ the authors arrive at the shocking conclusion that ‚NATO’s ability to logistically support rapid reinforcement in the much-expanded territory covering SACEUR’s (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) area of operation has been atrophied since the end of the Cold War.‘ […] the distribution of supplies in Europe is also problematic, a concern that an additional command is to address. […] Poland has demonstrated great interest in leading this ‚Rear Area Operation Command.‘ […] But the Americans and other allies favor a different location: Germany’s geographic placement make it an ideal candidate. The command, after all, would be a kind of distribution center for troops that land in Bremerhaven or elsewhere in Central Europe.“ (jw)