IMI-Aktuell 2017/629

US-Rüstungsausgaben: Top 5

von: 12. Oktober 2017


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William Hartung beschreibt im American Conservative (via Bpb-Newsletter), wie ein großer Teil des US-Militärbudgets an eine kleine Zahl von Großunternhemen fließt: „According to the Federal Procurement Data System’s top 100 contractors report for 2016, the biggest beneficiaries by a country mile were Lockheed Martin ($36.2 billion), Boeing ($24.3 billion), Raytheon ($12.8 billion), General Dynamics ($12.7 billion), and Northrop Grumman ($10.7 billion). Together, these five firms gobbled up nearly $100 billion of your tax dollars, about one-third of all the Pentagon’s contract awards in 2016. (…) The real question is: How much of this money actually promotes the defense of the country and how much is essentially a subsidy to weapons makers and other corporations more focused on their bottom lines than giving the taxpayers value for their money?“ (jw)