IMI-Aktuell 2017/610

Schwarzes Meer: NATO-Präsenz

von: 4. Oktober 2017


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Harlan Ullman, der von 2004 bis 2016 als Berater des NATO-Oberkommandierenden in Europa tätig war, fordert im Observer eine verstärkte NATO-Präsenz im Schwarzen Meer: „[T]he Black Sea region could become a petri dish of military experimentation that would cause Moscow serious concern by circumventing its current military strategy and force posture. This would also apply to the Black Sea. As Kaliningrad in the Baltic is seen as a formidable Russian armed fortress, Constanta, one of Romania’s Black Sea ports likewise could ultimately be turned into a military buzz saw vis a vis Russia. […] A strategic pivot to the Black Sea is a vital political priority. Let us implore NATO’s leadership to give this serious attention and act accordingly.” (jw)