IMI-Aktuell 2017/535

Iran: Atomdeal

von: 4. September 2017


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Laut Reuters (via Bpb-Newsletter) bestätigt die Internationale Atomenergiebehörde (IAEO) der Vereinten Nationen, dass der Iran die Vereinbarungen des Atomdeals einhält. Damit stellt sich die Organisation recht offfen gegen die Trump-Regierung: „“Iran has reiterated commitment to the terms of the deal despite Trump’s stance, but has also said its military sites are off limits, raising the risk of a stand-off if a request for access were put to a vote. That adds to the pressure to be clear on the grounds for an initial request. ‚If they want to bring down the deal, they will,‘ the first IAEA official said, referring to the Trump administration. ‚We just don’t want to give them an excuse to.'“ (jw)