IMI-Aktuell 2017/359

Zivilopfer: Gründe

von: 21. Juni 2017


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Weil unter Präsident Trump u.a. substanziell mehr Luftangriffe in Syrien und im Irak geflogen würden als unter Vorgänger Obama, seien die Zivilopfer deutlich angestiegen, so die New York Times (via Bpb-Newsletter): „One reason for the huge increase in noncombatant deaths is that the United States is dropping more bombs — a more than 20 percent increase from the last four months of the Obama presidency to the first four under Mr. Trump. Also, more strikes have occurred in populated areas, like Mosul, the Islamic State’s last stronghold in Iraq. (…) Even as the American military has accelerated its bombing, there is no independent assessment of the intelligence used to identify targets. (…) There is also no longer any public accountability. On May 26, an American military press officer confirmed that the Pentagon will no longer acknowledge when its own aircraft are responsible for civilian casualty incidents; rather they will be hidden under the umbrella of the ‚coalition.'“ (jw)