IMI-Aktuell 2017/323

U-Boote: Top

von: 8. Juni 2017


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Der National Interest (via Bpb-Newsletter) stellt den deutschen U-Booten eine Bestnote aus – und nennt auch die wesentlichen Szenarien, für die sie gedacht sind: „The modern German Navy has two principal missions: participating in expeditionary operations, such as combatting piracy or supporting peacekeeping operations, and sea control of the Baltic Sea — which has grown in importance, given recent tensions with Russia. (…) the fuel-cell boats are at least as stealthy as their nuclear-powered cousins, if not more so, and each individual torpedo carried can be just as deadly. Considering that multiple boats like the Type 212 or 214 can be built for the price of a single nuclear attack submarine, the firepower advantage of the larger submarines is not so clear-cut. This explains why the German submarines have proven so popular with navies across Europe and Asia seeking to assert their control over littoral waters.“ (jw)