IMI-Aktuell 2016/571

Afghanistan: Hekmatyars Rückkehr

von: 26. September 2016


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Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, einer der berüchjtigsten Warlords der afghanishen Bürgerkriege, wurde nun von der Regierung – mit Unterstützung der USA und Pakistans – begnadigt. Asia Times Online (via Bpb-Newsletter) argumentiert, das Ziel sei wohl, ihn als neuen starken Mann in Afghanistan einzusetzen:„Hekmatyar is a hugely ambitious political personality and a ruthless practitioner of power play. Today, he’d aspire for nothing less than Afghanistan’s presidency. […] The most crucial aspect here is the extent of foreign involvement in the deal-making leading to Hekmatyar’s return to centre stage. […] Quite obviously, US has given some sort of behind-the-scene assurance to the HiG that it will be removed from the UN’s list of terrorists and Hekmatyar himself would be a free bird, free to soar as high in the Afghan firmament as he wishes.” (jw)