IMI-Aktuell 2016/546

Syrien: Denkfehler

von: 14. September 2016


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Matt Purple setzt sich im National Interest kritisch mit den lauter werdenden Stimmen auseinander, die behaupten, die verheerende Situation in Syrien sei entstanden, weil die USA dort nicht interveniert hätten: „Where to begin? America did intervene in the Syrian conflict through at least two operations, one run by the CIA and one run by the Pentagon, to arm the anti-Assad rebels, a strategy that proved wildly ineffective and lucrative for terrorists. All the way back in 2013, intelligence officials were warning that the Nusra Front, then Al Qaeda’s franchise in Syria, was the strongest and best equipped of the rebellious factions, and the future Islamic State was lurking nearby, too. A better question to pose is: what would have been the consequences of deeper intervention, as originally mulled by President Obama? It likely would have made matters worse by bolstering the side that’s teeming with Sunni jihadists.” (jw)