IMI-Analyse 2016/484

TPP: US-Vormacht (II)

von: 23. August 2016


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Dem Wall Street Journal zufolge geht es bei dem Transpazifischen Partnerschaftsabkommen, TPP, vor allem darum, den weiteren Aufstieg Chinas zu verhindern: „The U.S. “pivot” to Asia, unveiled in 2011, reflected concern about China’s bid to turn economic might into hard power in a region with growing importance. Tensions have risen, with China testing U.S. military dominance by making claims on the South China Sea and protesting a U.S. antimissile installation in South Korea. The proposed pact, which was finalized last year, would cut or reduce some 18,000 tariffs for a group of Pacific Rim nations in the Americas, Asia and Oceania—an area accounting for 40% of the global economy. China, not part of the Trans-Pacific deal, is negotiating a separate Asia pact without the U.S.” (jw)