IMI-Aktuell 2016/144


von: 8. März 2016


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Der US-Politikprofessor Michael Klare warnt in der Nation (via Bpb-Newsletter) vor der Gefahr, dass die wachsenden Konflikte unter den Großmächten außer Kontrolle geraten könnten: „Where all of this will lead is anyone’s guess. At this point, all that can be said with any confidence is that the frequency and aggressiveness of these provocations is increasing, with each party believing it necessary to respond to its rival’s actions with countermeasures of even greater vigor and boldness. History suggests that such behavior tends to create an atmosphere of ever-increasing tension and suspicion, where one provocation too many can lead to crisis, panic, miscalculation, and a resort to arms — exactly the scenario that led to the outbreak of World War I just over 100 years ago.“ (jw)