IMI-Aktuell 2016/103


von: 23. Februar 2016


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Ex-CIA-Direktor Michael Hayden meldete sich in der New York Times (via Bpb-Newsletter) mit einem flammenden Pro-Drohne-Plädoyer zu Wort: „The program is not perfect. No military program is. But here is the bottom line: It works. I think it fair to say that the targeted killing program has been the most precise and effective application of firepower in the history of armed conflict. It disrupted terrorist plots and reduced the original Qaeda organization along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border to a shell of its former self. (…) And unmanned aerial vehicles carrying precision weapons and guided by powerful intelligence offer a proportional and discriminating response when response is necessary. Civilians have died, but in my firm opinion, the death toll from terrorist attacks would have been much higher if we had not taken action.“ (jw)