IMI-Aktuell 2015/651

NATO: Mini-Gipfel

von: 10. November 2015


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Neun osteuropäische Staaten haben sich zu einem NATO-Minigipfel getroffen. Der Text der Abschlusserklärung, in der eine weitere Erhöhung der Militärpräsenz gegen Russland geforert wird, lässt sich u.a. beim Atlantic Council finden: „Remaining gravely concerned with Russia’s continuing aggressive posturing, we will stand firm on the need for Russia to return to respect of international law as well as of its international obligations, responsibilities and commitments as a pre-condition for a NATO – Russia relationship based on trust and confidence; […] We will promote an increased cooperation with NATO partners, in particular with those in our neighbourhood, making best use of existing instruments. Assisting them in building their resilience against potential threats and their ability to contribute to NATO’s activities is our priority. We support an integrated and truly strategic approach towards these partners;” (jw)