IMI-Aktuell 2015/525

US-Spezialeinsätze: Rekord!

von: 28. September 2015


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Der Investigativjournalist Nick Turse wies auf die erneut gestiegene Zal an Ländern hin, in denen US-Spezialeinheiten operieren: „In the waning days of the Bush administration, Special Operations forces (SOF) were reportedly deployed in only about 60 nations around the world.  By 2010, according to the Washington Post, that number had swelled to 75.  Three years later, it had jumped to 134 nations, “slipping” to 133 last year, before reaching a new record of 135 this summer.  This 80% increase over the last five years is indicative of SOCOM’s exponential expansion which first shifted into high gear following the 9/11 attacks.” (jw)