IMI-Aktuell 2015/353

Griechenland: Kapitulation

von: 14. Juli 2015


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George Friedman, Chef des privaten Nachrichtendienstes “Strategic Forecast”, nennt den “Kompromiss” zwischen Griechenland und der Europäischen Union (bzw. Deutschland) zu Recht eine Kapitulation: „Based on the deal that was agreed to, Germany forced a Greek capitulation. [T]he Germans chose to directly demand a cession of a significant portion of Greece’s sovereignty by creating a cadre of European bureaucrats who would oversee the implementation of the agreement and take control of Greek national assets for sale to raise money. The specifics are less important than the fact that Greece invoked its sovereign right, and Germany responded by enforcing an agreement that compelled the Greeks to cede those rights. […] I have deliberately used Germany rather than the European Union as the negotiating partner with the Greeks. The Germans have long been visible as the controlling entity of the European Union. This time, they made no bones about it. Nor did they make any bones about their ferocity. In effect they raised the banner of German primacy, German national interest, and German willingness to crush the opposition. […] In the end, the banking crisis gave Germany an irresistible tool. Now the circumstances demand that the Greeks accept austerity and transfer key elements of sovereignty to institutions under the control or heavy influence of the Germans.” (jw)