IMI-Aktuell 2015/244

Ägypten: Militärdiktatur

von: 20. Mai 2015


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In spiked (via Bpb-Newsletter) prangert Tim Black völlig zu Recht das Schweigen im Westen gegenüber den Todesurteilen des früheren ägyptischen Präsidenten Mohamed Mursi und vieler seiner Anhänger an. Besonders mit den „Liberalen“ geht der Autor ins Gericht: „(…) the mass death sentences, the systematic oppression and the silencing of dissent are not incidental to Sisi’s reign. They are essential to it. They are the manifestations of what is essentially a rule built on military force. They are the necessary means by which an army general, after a coup, seeks to consolidate his power. But to criticise the essentially dictatorial nature of Sisi’s government is too much for many Western liberals. They would have to face up to the inherently anti-democratic impulse of the coup they supported in 2013, when Sisi’s tanks and soldiers swept a democratically elected head of state from power. They would have to face up to something else, too: their skin-deep commitment to democracy, their superficial support for people’s freedom. Because, when faced by democratic decisions they don’t like, when confronted by people’s views they disdain, all their blather about human rights, all their jabber about democracy, counts for nothing.“ (jw)