IMI-Aktuell 2015/229

US-Wahlen: Pest oder Cholera?

von: 13. Mai 2015


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Dass die die aussichtsreichste demokratische Anwärterin auf die nächste US-Präsidentschaft, Hillary Clinton, in Kriegsfragen eine ausgewiesene Hardlinerin ist, ist weitgehend bekannt (siehe IMI-Standpunkt 2015/003). Wen wundert es da, dass auch die republikanischen Kandidaten hier keinen Deut zurückstehen, wie (via Bpb-Newsletter) beklagt. Dazu gehöre insbesondere, dass Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush derzeit die Intervention im Irak schönreden würden: „Jeb Bush spoke to Fox News about the war in Iraq his brother started and, in a moment of almost admirable candor, said that he also would have invaded Iraq if he’d been president. ‚I would have,‘ Jeb said, ‚and so would have Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody. And so would almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got.‘ It’s not often that you see a politician say outright that they would have enthusiastically been as wrong as many other people were on the biggest foreign policy fiasco of the last ten years. (…) This is all part of the elaborate mythology Iraq war supporters have built up in which the war, despite its false rationale and disastrous execution, was actually the right thing to do (or the only thing to do) and would have been a great success had Barack Obama not ruined everything by withdrawing American troops too soon.“ (jw)