IMI-Aktuell 2014/016

Nuklearer Iran

von: 18. Januar 2014


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Die der US Air Force nahestehende Denkfabrik RAND veröffentlichte kürzlich die Studie „Iran After the Bomb. How Would a Nuclear-Armed Tehran Behave?”, die zu dem Ergebnis gelangt, selbst in diesem Fall gehe von Teheran wenig Gefahr aus. “The Islamic Republic seeks to undermine what it perceives to be the American-dominated order in the Middle East and to deter a U.S. and/or Israeli military attack, but it does not have territorial ambitions and does not seek to invade, conquer, or occupy other nations. […] It is very unlikely that Iran would use nuclear weapons against another Muslim state or against Israel, given the latter’s overwhelming conventional and nuclear military superiority.” (jw)