IMI-Aktuell 2013/123

Syrien: Drohnenzukunft?

von: 4. Mai 2013


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Ein Artikel im American Conservative (01.05.2013) weist auf Pläne der CIA hin, in Syrien nach einem „erfolgreichen“ Regimewechsel mittels massiver Drohneneinsätze das Überleben US-freundlicher Machthaber zu gewährleisten: „Media reports of CIA preparations to use drones to target al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria, should the post-Assad situation warrant such an intervention, are only party correct. The plan to use drones under certain circumstances is in reality part of the much larger CIA program in Iraq that parallels the program being set up in Afghanistan. CIA initiatives in both countries are related to what is being mandated by the National Security Council as a policy of ‘regime survival’ to help keep in place governments that are at least nominally friendly to Washington and that will be dependent on American technology and intelligence resources for the foreseeable future to maintain their own security.” (jw)