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From Pax Americana to Pax Transatlantica? The Western Quest for Supremacy in the Era of Persistent Conflict

von: Jürgen Wagner | Veröffentlicht am: 15. April 2010


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This study starts with the argument that the rapidly changing distribution of power in the international system coupled with the crumbling neoliberal economic order is currently posing a striking challenge to Western supremacy. Next it argues that in order to uphold their dominance the United States and Europe are increasingly willing to use military force. For this purpose, a „Transatlantic New Deal“ is currently in the midst of its implementation As the United States‘ power has declined over the last decade to the extend that they are no longer able to guarantee the dominance of the West largely on their own, they desperately need – and loudly demand – more military support from their allies. Provided they are willing to deliver more boots on the ground, in a „Transatlantic New Deal“, the United States is willing to grant the Europeans a much a greater say within the alliance and its most important institution, NATO. Finally, by an imperial makeover of NATO and the European Union, the Western powers are even willing to sacrifice the – at least on paper – much lauded „democratic principles“ in order to be able to employ force more effectively in the future.

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1. A Transatlantic New Deal for indefinite Western Supremacy
1.1 The Decline of the West and the looming New Cold War
1.2 The Transatlantic New Deal: The more you fight, the more you decide
1.3 Implementing the Transatlantic New Deal

2. Military Neoliberalism: Preparing for the Era of Persistent Conflict
2.1 The State-Capitalist Challenge to Neoliberal Globalization
2.2 Fighting the Poor, instead of Fighting Poverty

3. Colonialism Reloaded: The New Western Way of War
3.1 Rapid Reaction Forces: Spearheads of the New Interventionism
3.2 Civil-Military Cooperation and the New Colonialism

4. The Imperial Makeover of NATO and the European Union
4.1 Imperial Makeover I: European Union
4.2 Imperial Makeover II: NATO


Box 1: Resource Wars and the Contours of the New Cold War
Box 2: NATO-EU-Cooperation: Counterinsurgency in Kosovo
Box 3: Somalia, Globalization and War
Box 4: Thomas Barnett: System Administration and Military Neoliberalism
Box 5: CIMIC in Afghanistan – A Deadly Failure