Europe in the new world (dis) order

Cavaniglia Room

von: esf-Berichte | Veröffentlicht am: 10. November 2002


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What role does Europe have in the international political game? And how should Europe behave in the future world order? These were the subjects discussed during the conference.

„The 11th of September gave Bush the perfect opportunity to put his politics into action. US military spending has reached 378 billion dollars this year totaling 4% of the American GDP “ said Susan George (Attac France).

Alex Callinicos (York University, UK) continued the discussion by sayng “ This will be the 4th war since the start of the 1990s. First there was the Gulf War, then the bombing of the Balkans, Afghanistan and now Iraq“.
„The most important event for Europe has been the birth of this movement, the opportunity to partecipate, to make a difference, to be informed and to have the opportunity to know and spread our ideas“ began Rossana Rossanda (journalist, Italy).

She’s echoed through the applause by Tobias Pfluger (IMI German antimilitarist association) „We want a civil world, a civil Europe, and no war alliances. No to world superpowers, no to European world power and German world power“.

Next to speak was Flavio Lotti (Peace Table, Italy) „The movement has to increase its ability to unite and its success depends on our way of acting, thinking and communicating. This will depend on 2 concepts: peaceand non-violence.“

“ NATO is not concerned with human rights or protecting the oppressed, but only with the protection of economic capital and the interests of the strong“ concluded Johana Ruziczkova (Czech Republic).

„The day that America began to bomb Afghanistan I cried because I thought about how many hundreds of young men like my brother would be there. At that moment
I denounced my government, which does not represent me“ said Coelin Kelly ( Fundation of the Families of the Victims of September 11th).

Many members of the audience participated in the discussion in a general atmosphere of excitement about the movement. It will be necessary to continue the struggle and to bring together the antiglobalization movement with the pacifists. The date is fixed for Prague and the next NATO meeting.