IMI-Aktuell 2017/233

Deutschland-USA: Normalisiert

von: 25. April 2017


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Ulrich Speck konstatiert in einer Analyse, dass sich die deutsch-amerikanischen Beziehungen ungeachtet der Wahl Trumps schnell wieder normalisiert haben: “The widely anticipated clash between Germany and the Trump Administration has not happened. Instead, Berlin and Washington DC seem to be on the way to pragmatic cooperation.“ Die Gründe, die er anführt, sind nahezu dieselben, die zuvor schon Wolfgang Ischinger in einem Plädoyer für ein ungebrochen enges Verhältnis zu den USA nannte (siehe IMI-Analyse 2017/03). Speck schreibt: „First, the US remains vital to German security, especially at times when Moscow is behaving aggressively and working with nuclear intimidation. Secondly, consensus with America is indispensable in order to reach any goals in regions that are of the greatest strategic importance to Germany: Russia and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Third, Germany needs the US to back up the liberal international order with its power: in a rules-based globalised world, Germany – which is weak on hard power but strong on economic power – has much better cards.” (jw)