IMI-Aktuell 2017/042

US-Russland-Politik: Plus ça change

von: 24. Januar 2017


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Der private Nachrichtendienst Strategic Forecast geht nicht davon aus, dass die USA unter Donald Trump von dem Ziel einer Eindämmung und Schwächung Russland grundsätzlich abrücken werden: „No matter who is in the White House, Washington’s imperative to contain regional hegemons will continue to be a mainstay of its foreign policy. With Europe becoming increasingly divided since the Brexit referendum, Russia has another chance to recover from its strategic setbacks and regain influence in the Eurasian region in the coming year. […] Ties between Washington and Moscow will certainly evolve under Trump. Some tactical shifts, possibly including adjustments in U.S. sanctions and measured cooperation in Syria, will doubtless take place. Washington’s policy of containment, however, is still very much in force, and it will continue to feature heavily in U.S. strategy well beyond the Trump administration.” (jw)