IMI-Aktuell 2016/524

Philippinen: Auf Abstand

von: 6. September 2016


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Beim Council on Foreign Relations wird beschrieben, dass mit der Wahl Rodrigo Dutertes als neuem philippinischem Präsidenten der Annäherungskurs des Landes zu den USA ein jähes Ende gefunden hat: „Shortly after his election victory, Duterte declared, “I will be charting a [new] course [for the Philippines] on its own and will not be dependent on the United States.” Since then, when it comes to relations with Washington, the new president has broken one diplomatic taboo after the other. On multiple occasions, he has openly questioned America’s commitment to come to the Philippines’ aid in an event of conflict in the South China Sea. He has intimated that he will put new restrictions on the movement of American military personnel on Philippine soil, though vowed to honor existing bilateral security agreements.” (jw)