IMI-Aktuell 2016/446

Entspannung 2.0

von: 10. August 2016


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Im Atlantic umreisst Jeffrey Tayler Elemente dessen, was er als dringend erforderliche neue Entspannungspolitik zwischen dem Westen unsd Russland gerne sehen würde: „ Détente 2.0 would entail the renunciation, in writing, of NATO’s plans to invite Ukraine and Georgia, coupled with Moscow’s recognition that both countries retain the right to join whatever economic or political union they desire; a draw-down of Russian and NATO forces in the Baltics region; the cancellation of Western sanctions on Russia, and vice versa; a U.N.-supervised referendum in Crimea to determine its status (with the United States prepared to respect the results, even if, as polls in Crimea show, they indicate a desire to remain within Russia); the removal of nuclear weapons from hair-trigger alert; the renewal of serious arms-control negotiations; and, finally, the implementation of the Minsk Agreement to end the civil war in Ukraine’s east.” (jw)