IMI-Aktuell 2022/308

NATO-Gipfel: Rüstungsagenda

von: 23. Juni 2022


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Beim NATO-Gipfel Ende Juni soll ein neues Strategisches Konzept beschlossen werden – außerdem auf der Agenda: die umfassende weitere Aufrüstung der NATO-Ostflanke.

Skynews will Kernelemente dessen, was dort beschlossen werden soll, erfahren haben:

“• An expansion and rebranding of the 40,000-strong NATO Response Force, possibly by as much as six-fold, according to two military sources. But a NATO source said various formulas are being discussed and the final increase would likely be lower.

• An uplift in the size of a mission to deter Russia from targeting NATO’s eastern and southeastern flank, with thousands more troops added, though many are set to be based in their home nation and only deploy forward if needed.

• The designation of Russia as the „most significant and direct threat“ to security.

• A new „comprehensive assistance package“ for Ukraine, including equipment to counter Russian drones and provide secure communication.” (jw)