IMI-Aktuell 2020/407

MTCR: Nächster Vertrag

von: 15. Juni 2020


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Es nimmt kein Ende: Nachdem kürzlich der US-Ausstieg aus dem „Open-Sky-Vertrag“ angekündigt wurde, steht nun das Trägertechnologie-Kontrollregimes (Missile Technology Control Regime, MTCR) auf der Abschussliste, berichtet Reuters: „The Trump administration plans to reinterpret a Cold War-era arms agreement between 34 nations with the goal of allowing U.S. defense contractors to sell more American-made drones to a wide array of nations, three defense industry executives and a U.S. official told Reuters. […] Under the State Department’s current interpretation of the MTCR, all sales of large drones are subject to what is known as a “strong presumption of denial,” which has made approvals rare. But the high bar to get a deal greenlighted will be removed, signaling to previously forbidden customers that their orders have much better chance of approval, according to the official, the former official and one of the defense executives.” (jw)