IMI-Aktuell 2020/281

Baltops: Trotz Corona

von: 20. April 2020


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Die  MilitaryTimes berichtet, die Militärübung BALTOPS solle wohl trotz Corona stattfinden, allerdings wahrscheinlich in ledicht abgespeckter Form: „The annual large-scale maritime exercise in the Baltic region dubbed BALTOPS is still slated to kick off but could be scaled back or canceled over COVID-19, according to the commander of U.S. European Command. […] The BALTOPS exercise that kicked off in 2019 from June 9 to June 21 involved 18 countries, 50 surface ships, 36 aircraft, two submarines and 8,600 personnel, according to a news release. The training during BALTOPS includes air, maritime and ground coordination interoperability among allies and partners and air defense, maritime interdiction, anti-subsurface warfare, mine countermeasures, and amphibious operations.” (jw)