IMI-Aktuell 2019/093

Feuer frei auf Zivilisten

von: 7. Februar 2019


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Middleasteye (via Bpb-Newsletter) berichtet britischen Soldaten hätten in ihren Einsatzregeln für die Kriege im Irak ujnd Afghanistan die Erlaubnis erhalten, das Feuer auf Zivilisten zu eröffnen: „The British army operated rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan that at times allowed soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians who were suspected of keeping them under surveillance, a Middle East Eye investigation has established. The casualties included a number of children and teenage boys, according to several former soldiers interviewed by MEE. Two former infantrymen allege that they and their fellow soldiers serving in southern Iraq were at one point told that they had permission to shoot anyone seen holding a mobile telephone, carrying a shovel, or acting in any way suspiciously. The rules were relaxed, they say, in part because of concerns that unarmed individuals were acting as spotters for militants, or were involved in planting roadside bombs.“ (jw)