IMi-Aktuell 2019/086

US-Abzug: Zurückgerudert

von: 5. Februar 2019


Hier finden sich ähnliche Artikel berichtet, US-Präsident Donald Trump würde von den ursprünglich angekündigten Truppenabzügen aus Syrien und Afghanistan immer weiter zurückrudern: “Previously talking up how the wars in Afghanistan and Syria can’t last forever, Trump is now saying he wants a “smaller number” of troops to stay in Afghanistan, despite the Taliban already making it clear that was a non-starter for the peace deal. In Syria, Trump is now focused on the idea that the pullout can only happen after assuring that ‘Israel is protected,’ which is as close to a recipe for permanent warfare as one can get. Israeli officials have made clear they want the war to be about Iran, not ISIS.” (jw)